This guide is designed as an introduction to the Information Technology department and highlights some of the technologies and services available at Regent University. Please visit us at  for more information. 

Information Technology Mission

The mission of the Information Technology department is to provide the technology infrastructure and tools with increase the productivity of students, staff and faculty. We provide leadership, technical expertise and support. 


MyRegent is your portal into many of the systems and services available to you at Regent University. We recommend using the MyRegent Portal for integrated access to all of your online Regent resources. After logging in to the MyRegent Portal, you can conveniently access your Student Mail by Google, Blackboard, Genisys, DegreeWorks, and the library Databases as well as many other Regent Systems. You can log in to the MyRegent Portal at 

The Information Technology department is committed to ensuring the privacy of your information during and after your tenure here at Regent. By staying up-to-date on the latest techniques for information security, you will protect yourself and others against fraud, theft, and worse.

The Information Technology department maintains an overview of the established security program and efforts. An overview of this program is maintained

For more information on MyRegent, please refer to


RegentALERT is an Emergency Notification System (ENS). Its primary purpose is to notify Regent faculty, staff and enrolled students in the event of an emergency on or near campus, such as a man-made or natural disaster. Be sure to update your RegentALERT contact information the next time you log in to

Help Desk

The Help Desk is your initial point of contact for the Information Technology Department. If you are having problems accessing any regent systems (MyRegent, Genisys, Blackboard and Regent Apps & Mail), need your password reset, or are having difficulties with a Regent University computer or printer, the Help Desk is here to help! We have a large searchable knowledge base of solutions to common issues please browse it at

Call:         757-352-4076, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. 



Visit:        COM 300, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 

The Help Desk will be glad to assist you with Regent-owned computers and systems, but we cannot provide repair support for personal computers. However, we do provide coupons for a trusted local computer repair shop.

Computer Labs
There are four computer labs on campus for student and staff use. They are located in COM 154, SC 119, LIB 327 and CRB 239. Printing is available in the labs for 5 cents per page. Each new student is given an initial $5.00 credit in their account and additional printing credit is available for purchase on line. Go to for more information

Student Mail by Google

All Regent University students are provided with a Google mail and apps account. This Google account is the official student mail account of the University. All official Regent University electronic correspondence will be sent to the Regent provided Google email account. Google accounts offer a wide array of features, such as email, calendar, Google Drive (free cloud based storage) and Google Hangouts (text, voice and video messaging service). These features are available through the MyRegent Portal at or by directly logging into The Student Mail by Google email address is the in the form of

Microsoft Office 365

Regent University students are provided access to Microsoft Office 365 for as long as they are a student at the university. Office 365 allows users to create and edit Office documents either at home or on the go. To get started, go to and log in with your and your MyRegent Portal password. For more information, please see and search for "Office 365."

On Campus Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is available all across campus and the network names are regent_public and regent_resnet in the Regent Commons. These are the only authorized wireless networks supplied by Regent University.

The wireless network is open to all students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. There are no passwords in place for these networks as they are available to anyone. 


Blackboard is the Learning Management System (LMS) that Regent University uses for course delivery. Blackboard courses usually remain available for five semesters after which time the course is removed from Blackboard. It is critical that students save all submitted work and any downloads from a course prior to the course end date. Google drive is provided as part of the Google Apps suite for students and is the perfect location to store course material and content so that it will not be lost. 

Computer Requirements
The degree programs and courses are delivered entirely or in part through the Blackboard Learn and Collaboration system. Computer literacy is required of all students. It is imperative that all students have access to a computer system that meets the minimum requirements outlined at

Students should refer to the Regent University Information Technology web site at for the most current information regarding computer requirements and support, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and tips. It is the students’ responsibility to keep up with changes in software.

Community colleges, public libraries, or computer training centers can provide valuable courses on basic Internet and personal computer use or other topics. Free basic computer skill learning resources are available online at Regent University does not teach or train students in basic computer use outside of specific undergraduate courses.