All content and assignments have migrated from Blackboard to Canvas, but some items require a manual update (grouping/organizing the assignments and setting up the weighted total).


In Canvas, weighted total grades are based on the assignment groups. The existing assignments are grouped into respective Assignment Groups (for example, weekly discussions grouped under the "Discussion" category, quizzes in the "Quiz" category, and any writing assignments under the "Assignments" category). Please review each assignment group and ensure they are listed under the appropriate assignment group. You can drag and drop the assignments under the respective Assignment Group. Once the assignments are grouped, you can set up the weighted percentage.  


Please follow the instructions below and refer to the Assignments Overview video:  

How to create an Assignment Group in Canvas


  1. Click on the "Assignments" link in the course navigation menu.

  2. Click the "+Group" button (to add/create a new Assignment Group).  

  3. Click the Save button.

Note: As mentioned above, you must create assignment groups before you can assign weights. Refer to the course syllabus to organize/group the Assignments. The assignment names and weighted percentages will be visible to the students. Please ensure the syllabus information and info in the course shell reflect the same.


How to create Assignment Group Weights


  1. Click on the Assignments link (on the course navigation).
  2. Click the Assignments Options (the three dots in the upper right corner) and select the Assignment Groups Weight.  

  3. Check the box next to the Weight final grade based on assignment groups.

  4. Enter the weighted percentage for each Assignment Group, then click save.


    Sample: Under the Assignments page, the Assignment Group name and weighted percentage will appear like this


  1. Delete any assignments you are not using in the course (collaborate links, empty folders/items).
  2. Review the unpublished assignments and delete them as needed.
  3. The weights for all assignment groups must add up to 100%.
  4. You can create a new assignment directly under a particular group by clicking the "+" icon.
  5. Some assignments are listed under "Individual Assignments" review and move to the appropriate group. 
  6. Replace SafeAssign with Turnitin.
  7. Replace Collaborate assignments/links with other Tools in Canvas.
  8. Helpful Links:

Click here for the printable (PDF) version.