Regent University charges 5 cents per page for printing in the computer labs. Each new student is given an initial $5.00 credit in their account. This will allow you to print 100 pages. The system requires that all students have a credit balance in their account before printing is allowed. After your $5.00 credit has been used, you may purchase additional printing credit via the link below.

Purchase Printing Credit

You may also purchase additional printing credit from the Business Office in ADM 134 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Problems that occur with printing accounts will be credited back to your account for the first print job only. Printing multiple times, with no output received, will result in only having the first print job credited to your account. To receive credit for an incomplete job, you must report the problem to the Help Desk.


1. Can I stop a print job before it is complete if I realize that I no longer ant what is printing?

Once you have sent a job to the printer, it cannot be stopped. Be sure to verify the number of pages you have sent to the printer before approving it. If, for some reason, there is a technical problem with the print job, call the Help Desk at 757.352.4076.

2. Is money that is put in the account refundable?

Unfortunately once money is placed into your account it is not refundable.

3. What happens if there is not enough credit in my account?

Once logged in at a computer, if you print and your account does not contain enough credit to print the entire document, you will not be allowed to print the job. An error message will appear at the bottom of the screen saying, "Error, insufficient funds to continue print job".

Please contact the Help Desk at 757-352-4076 or if you have questions.