As part of Blackboard's continued maintenance of the platform, Blackboard has updated its retention policy for the duration of storage of courses that are manually exported/archived by the faculty. As per their new policy, all the stored packages of courses that were archived before 2/15/22 will be automatically deleted on 5/16/22.

If you need a copy of your course archive packages, you can download them anytime prior to 5/16/22.

Please NOTE: As part of this service update, any course archive package created since March 1, 2022, will expire (and automatically deleted) in 30 days from the date of archive creation. Please remember, this applies ONLY to the courses archived manually by the faculty/admin users.

IT recommends that you delete archived packages after downloading them, please. 

How to download archived courses from Blackboard:

  1. In Blackboard, log into your course. 

  2. On the left navigation, under Control Panel > click on Packages and Utilities > Export/Archive Course.

  3. On the Export/Archive Course page, select the link for the package to download. Save the archived zip file to the appropriate location.