Adobe is making temporary at-home access to Creative Cloud available until July 6, 2020 for schools and colleges that currently have only lab access for students, at no additional cost.

All Regent University Faculty, Staff, and Students now have temporary access to Adobe Creative Cloud and can install apps on personal computers at no cost.

Please see the following instructions on logging into Adobe with your MyRegentID and installing Adobe Creative Cloud Apps on your personal device.

1. Go to the website and click Sign In at the top right corner.

2. Enter your MyRegent ID followed by

3. Enter your MyRegent ID and password again at the Regent login page.

4. Once signed in, click on the Open button below Your Services, Creative Cloud.

5. Click on Install Creative Cloud app on the right side.

6. You may get a window saying Permission may be required, it is safe to go past this window by clicking OK.

7. Your browser should prompt or automatically download the Adobe Creative Cloud Launcher.

8. Start the install process of the Creative Cloud program onto your computer. Once started, it may ask to open a browser window to verify your credentials. If it does not automatically detect your login session, sign back in with your MyRegent ID followed by along with your standard password.

9. Once the Creative Cloud Launcher is signed in, it will start the install process.

10. Once the install process is done, you are offered a tour of the launcher. You are free to skip or take the tour.

11. You are now at the Creative Cloud Launcher home page. Here you are presented with install options for all of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.