If you signed up for a course, but it is not showing in Blackboard, then it typically occurs because of one of five reasons. To find out which reason and solution best pertain to you, please check in Genisys to see if the course in question is showing on your schedule.

Reason 1:

You are not signed up for the course.


Contact either your academic advisor or the Registrar's Office (757-352-4094) or register for the course in Genisys.

Reason 2:

You have just signed up for the course today.


Blackboard updates every hour, but if you still cannot access the course by the end of the day, please call the Help Desk at (757) 352-4076.

Reason 3:

You are signed up for the course (and have been for at least 24 hours) but the instructor has not made the course available yet. (Teachers will do this to temporarily make the course unavailable so that they may update things like the syllabus, test, and quizzes.)


Please contact your instructor to find out when they plan on making the course available.

Reason 4: 

You are signed up for the course but it starts in the next Session.


Please verify which session the course in which you have enrolled is being offered.

Reason 5:

You are signed up for the course but it is hidden.


Select the gear icon under My Courses in Blackboard

Find the "Course Name" Column and make sure the box is checked next to the course.